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Car Batteries at Lynx Auto Centre
We stock a vast range of car batteries for all makes and models of car. We are able to change batteries there and then. Call in now if you want your battery checked or feel it is time to replace it.
Read on to find out more about your car battery

What Does The Car Battery Do
Your cars battery performs three functions firstly it provides the power to start the engine. secondly it acts as a back up if the vehicle charging system fails.
 And thirdly any surges of power in the electrical system

What does the battery supply
If the alternator fails, or if the engine is not running then power is supplied
from the battery for the following items

-internal and external lights
- vehicle alarm/immobiliser
- Sat Navigation
                       - airbags                         
    - radio cassette/Cd player 
                 - central locking                  
  - electric windows
 - heated windscreens/seats


Replace your old car battery at Lynx auto centre

-How do you Keep your battery in good condition?
- make sure your battery is securely fixed to its mounting
- Keep the battery terminals thickly coated in petroleum jelly, not grease
- Never let the battery become completely discharged
- ensure the battery is clean and dry

The first sign of a battery failing is its inability to start the engine. As it can longer hold the charge.This is especially a probelm when starting your car in cold weather, as more power is needed. At Lynx we sell a wide range of high quality batteries. Ask one of our specialist mechanics to recommend the most suitable one
for your car.

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